SMTBC 2024  Strava Cup

The Southland Mountainbike club is running a Strava cup series over the winter. Each segment will be for a month.

Rounds will alternate between Sandy Point, Bluff & Gore with a mixture of xc, climbing and enduro combinations. There is an E-Bike segment too just remember to save ride as E-Bike ride.The overall male and female winner from your best 5 of the 6 rounds will be announced at the Winter series final in October. 

July's segment

This month we are heading up to the wonderful native bush in the Croydon Hills, Gore. Head out of Gore on Reaby Rd, following signs towards Dolamore Park, until you get to Pope Rd.

Park at the top of Pope Rd, then follow the main water race trail up the hill, into the bush, segment starts at the turn off to the lookout.

This one will be a goodie - short, but definitely not sweet. Punchy little climb to start off heading up to the lookout. At the top, head left down the lookout descent, a slightly techy descending singletrack (grade 3) which connects back on to the main water race trail. Take a sharp left and finish off with some more flowing uphill goodness. One for real mountain bikers, baggies only - roadies caught wearing lycra get an automatic 10 second time penalty 😉

Please be aware that the main water race trail is a 2-way trail, so there may be traffic coming the other way. Locals have been warned there are Strava warriors incoming, but not everyone may have got the memo... while you're up there, make the most of the trail network and head through to Dolamore Park, or for those that like sliding around in mud there's a selection of downhill runs on offer too.

Segment called "SMTBC Strava Cup 2024 #4"

If you don't have Strava Sign up Here then ​​​​​​​Click Here to join our Strava club then go out and ride.

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